Group Instruction

Yuhui group, formerly known as Yuhui Construction Co., Ltd., was established in 2000, after many years of development andgradually formed a set of real estate development, construction, building new material research and development, residential industrial structure system design and development, and other integrated group company.

Group company has formed the layout of the country and overseas strategic. And the group has four regions of the industrialization base has been all over the northeast, North China, East China, Central China, has built four residential industrialization products production base.

The group owns completely independent intellectual property rights of the assembly of concrete structure technology system, totally has more than 100 national patents.

Shanghai Yuhui Residential Industrial Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Yuhui residential Industrial Co., Ltd., was founded by Yuhui group , Jinchen group which is a total constructioncontract level 1 company in May 2014 with the registered capital of one hundred million yuan.

Plant Scale
The production base is located in Luo Dong Road 1957 ,Baoshan District , Shanghai with a total investment of 250000000 yuan and 350 employees, covering an area of 50000 square meters, including 15000 square meters of factory area, the yard area of 15000 square meters, design annual production capacity of 300000 cubic meters of PC components, can meet theconstruction needs of 1000000 square meters.The basement has three automatic production lines and a special-shaped component production line.

The product range covers all the structural systems such as the precast shear wall, the precast concrete sandwich insulation wall, the double sided laminated shear wall and the precast concrete beams, stairs, balcony, etc.